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Notice of Race
June 16 & 17, 2012
Saturday & Sunday
Hosted by:
Milwaukee Yacht Club
2012 McNulty Regatta
The McNulty Regatta is a five race series on the waters of Lake Michigan
approximately 2 miles off the Milwaukee shoreline. The competition will be conducted
on a One Design race circle dedicated to the Soling Class. Yachts participating in
other fleets and classes of the Milwaukee Bay Challenge Regatta will compete on
separate race circles as defined in the MBOS Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions
1.1 The McNulty Regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the rules of the
International Soling class, except as any of these are changed by the Sailing Instructions. The
prescriptions of United States Sailing will not apply.
2.1 If there is a conflict between ISA Class Rules, this NOR, the Sailing Instructions (SI) or any
additional Sailing Instructions (ASI), RRS Rule 63.7 shall apply.
3.1 The McNulty Regatta eligibility requirement for competitors is membership for Skipper or Boat in
their National Soling Association or the International Soling Association (ISA). Sign-up will be available
at registration. All yachts must have a 2012 ISA sticker affixed in the prescribed manner.
3.2 Eligible yachts may enter by completing the online McNulty Regatta Entry Form and sending it together
with the required fee(s) to:
Milwaukee Bay Soling Fleet (Please make checks payable to “Milwaukee Bay Soling Fleet“)
Treasurer – David Baum
2947 North Stowell
Milwaukee, WI 53211
On site registration will be available from 3pm to 9pm CDT on Friday June 18th or on Saturday June 19th
until 8:30am. A boat will be scored only after a completed entry is received and accepted. Acceptance of a
boat’s entry shall be contingent upon the completion of the entry form, receipt of a certificate of insurance
(proof of insurance with $300,000 of liability coverage), and receipt of the required fee.
4.1 McNulty Regatta entry fees are as follows:
The Entry Fee is $75 per boat.
Send $75 entry fee completed entry form and copy of insurance certificate to:
Milwaukee Bay Soling Fleet (Please make checks payable to “Milwaukee Bay Soling Fleet“)
Treasurer – David Baum
2947 North Stowell
Milwaukee, WI 53211
4.2 Register online at the Milwaukee Yacht Club website by completing the online registration form which is
located in the Race/Regattas tab at www.milwaukeeyc.com/RaceRegattas/RaceDocuments. Please
complete registration and mail entry fee no later than Saturday June 5. Alternately, on-site registration will
be conducted on Saturday June 16th 2012 until 8:30am.
5.1 The Soling McNulty Regatta schedule is as follows:
Saturday 8am On-site registration
9am Skippers Meeting
11am Race 1 followed by Race 2 and 3
6pm Post-race party
Sunday 10am Race 4 followed by Race 5 (no warning after 2:00PM)
Awards ceremony will be held as soon as reasonably possible after the
last race.
5.2 The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race on Saturday is 10:55 AM CDT, subsequent
races to follow. No race will begin after 5 PM. The scheduled time of the warning signal for the race on
Sunday is 9:55 AM CDT. No race will begin after 2:00 PM.
6.1 The sailing instructions will be available online or at the on site registration on Friday and Saturday.
7. Inspection and Measurement
7.1 At the discretion of the Regatta Committee, all entrants are, at the time of registration or any time
during the event subject to (a) measurement of hull, rigging and sails and (b) inspection of required safety
equipment. Failure to pass a measurement or equipment check after the event has commenced will result in
disqualification of all races up to the time of detection.
8. Venue
8.1 Solings will compete on a dedicated race circle with the location to be determined by the Race
Committee on the morning of each day of racing.
9. Courses
9.1 Soling course details and diagrams will be published in the McNulty Regatta Sailing Instructions.
10. Penalty System
10.1 RRS Rule 44.2 will apply.
11. Scoring
11.1 A minimum of three races will constitute a completed regatta.
11.2 The Low Point scoring system, Appendix A, so that each yacht’s series score will be the total of her
race scores, with her worst score discarded if four or more races have been completed.
12. Prizes
12.1 Awards will be presented at MYC as soon as reasonably possible after the last race on Sunday.
Yachts finishing first, second and third in the Soling Fleet as a whole will be awarded prizes.
13. Disclaimer of Liability
13.1 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The
organizing authorities will not accept any liability for property damage or personal injury or death sustained in
conjunction with or prior to, during or after the race.
14. Insurance
14.1 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with minimum
coverage of $300,000.
Further Information
Free parking, trailer storage and hoisting provided. For lodging assistance contact David Crysdale at (414)
481-7771. For additional information contact:
Milwaukee Yacht Club MYC Soling Fleet Captain
Todd Giese Paul McGuan
gm@milwaukeeyc.com paul@mcguan.com
(414) 271-4455 (414) 232-8634
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